How We Became Who We Are Today

Rightway the leading basic t-shirt provider in Penang, was founded back in 2007 and is one of the pioneers in the promotional wear industry specializing in basic t-shirts and uniform for over 15 years.

Sales headed the right way with healthy growth and development in the company and soon, we became one of the leading basic t-shirt suppliers in Northern Region Malaysia. The group’s E-brand, officially trademarked in 2009, has seen steady growth ever since.

Rightway’s core business lies in supplying basic t-shirts to distributors & resellers in Malaysia. Ten years after the company was established, we spread our wings and ventured boldly into the international textile trade by importing, exporting, wholesaling, and supplying our merchandise.

Because of the ever changing trends and lifestyles, Rightway has always strived to innovate and add more everyday basics to its comprehensive product range.


To Be The Largest Basic T-Shirt Supplier in Malaysia.


To Make Premium Quality Basic T-Shirt Affordable For Everyone.


Respect . Trust . Grateful . Teamwork

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility, which is known as CSR, plays an important role in each company in the entire world. Nowadays, there are more and more companies established this CSR programme in order to improve and contribute to the society in some ways.

Last July, we were glad that we had the opportunity to pay back the society. We were jubilant to be able to help out at St. Nicholas Home. It is a multi-service institution serving those visually disabled friends throughout our motherland, Malaysia. We would like to express our gratitude to Ms Cecelia, the Volunteer Programme Co-ordinator of St. Nicholas Home for the arrangement. On the day itself, Team Rightway lend their hands to clean up the dining area, accommodation, kitchen and the common areas. Not forgetting about cleaning up their vehicles too. It was indeed an excellent experience doing charity (volunteer) work on a Saturday morning and each and every one of us enjoyed themselves loads. Doing good deed is always a blessing!

We are independently and cooperatively accountable to support our corporate social responsibilities commitments and contribution to the society. We continuously seek for as many opportunities as we could and we are always ready to serve the society with a grateful heart. Together we strive for a better society and environment.


Mr. MC Ng

General Manager

Pretty much like most inspiring success stories, Rightway broke into the industry despite its humble beginnings. Formed by a gallant couple in the 1990s, the company had only the basics: a few sewing machines in the living room and the crafty hands of the wife. Circa 2001, the founders took their chance by transforming the manufacturing company into a trading company, aiming at the prospects of low-cost manufacturing in China.

Diversifying The Business

Six years down the road, the company was rebranded into Rightway where the range of products is expanded. More core products are supplied, for instance shirts, bags, jackets, towels and others, which can be used as door gifts or corporate gifts. Services like embroidery and silkscreen printing are provided as well. Meanwhile, they have been attracting a growing list of clients of the likes of hotels, traveling agencies, corporate and government bodies, and many more.

Till today, the company is still undergoing morphing through adopting new strategies under the lead of Mr. MC Ng, the General Manager, also the eldest son of the founders. Since his return to Rightway, Mr. Ng made his presence felt by pushing for elimination of outdated systems. Even though his initiatives stirred conflicts with some senior staff that were too accustomed to the traditional ways, the changes made were proven effective and has since increased efficiency in the office. Fueled by a strong desire to improve the company, Mr. Ng also spends a significant amount of time hunting for sales out of the northern region of Peninsular Malaysia, including East Malaysia.

Nothing Comes Easy

Fresh in the scene, Mr. Ng revealed that his lack of experience in the beginning has caused him getting a lot of sticks from his father. As a result, he put in loads of endeavors dealing with not only the space management problems in the premises, but also personnel problems in their workplace. Thanks to the changes imposed on the company and its systems, Rightway has enjoyed a stellar return in 2015 after an eventful 2014, in terms of sales and turnover rate. As everything is back on track now, Mr. Ng and his team are occupied with planning to chalk up more sales, evaluate the current source of revenue and take a fresh look at the future direction of their products. Recently, Rightway refines their designs to provide unique styles that the market is short of.

Furthermore, directed by Mr. Ng, Rightway started to incorporate work-life balance among its workers. There are regular badminton and futsal sessions planned for staff. The transition of Rightway has been doing well with it adopting new ideas and bringing in a crop of younger workforce. When it comes to scrutinizing Generation Y employees, Mr. Ng is rather optimistic about the capabilities of the Millennials, who have their own strengths compared to older generations, in spite of stereotypical remarks about them being less competent in general.

Much to his relief, the ideas and values brought in by Mr. Ng has not only convinced the company veterans, but more importantly they have promoted favorable changes in both morale and productivity among workers as well as higher efficiency in their operations. The reorientation of the company sparked by the young manager has attracted more young people to join Rightway as well. This surge of youthful energy in this company has certainly left us looking forward to it becoming the next big thing in the apparel industry.

Up Close And Personal

How do you spend your leisure time?
I used to play sports with friends, but now more often I do it with my company staff. Occasionally, I love to take my family out for a trip too.

What are your thoughts on the Millennials?
The Millennials can be picky about many things, but they are very smart, I would say. As a member of Generation Y myself, I want to learn more about them and maximise their potential since they are going to be the next dominant workforce in the near future.

What are your main approaches in solving problems?
I tend to solve problems by the virtue of positive attitudes and determination. In business world, you have to persevere with hardships and always keep positive thoughts because realistically at times, there is no one to help you solve the problems.